Solid Eagle is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Nigeria, and Registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the certificate number RC133426, and also licensed under Economic and Finance Crime Commission (EFCC), to operate as financial institution in Nigerian.

Solid Eagle is aimed at providing empowerment through financial assistance to small businesses around the country. The Centre is the result of strong commitment of a group of micro finance experts and investors to build a lasting and vibrant Centre that will play a leading role in improving access to financial services for the small business owners. 

Solid Eagle is a national institution with Board of Trustees whose aims and objectives are to provide empowerment program through financial services. The Centre provides financial support to the entrepreneurial individuals that have little or no access to conventional forms of finances services.

The organization was established and designed with an EAGLE mindset, An EAGLE is said to be king of Birds, and we are expected to be KINGS of micro-finance money market where we find ourselves. Let discuss the attributes of an EAGLE;

  1. Strong and powerful.
  2. Powerful vision – clarity – perfect.
  3. High flyers.
  4. Predators.
  5. Usually out of league – do what others birds can’t do.
  6. Strategist – always precautious – look behind them before striking their prey.
  7. King of Birds.
  8. Big in side.
  9. Nurture its young and dutiful in all obligations. 
  10. Ability to renew themselves.

vision Statment

To make the unit a pioneer in joint and participatory work as well as effective networking to build a empowerment-oriented culture aiming to promote the Empowerment activities in order to ensure the sustainability of the effective goals of Financial services as a mechanism to reduce poverty in  Nigeria

mission Statment

Creating a groundbreaking business innovation by advancing the capacity to serve active individuals,by building a creative and diverse Global team,to achieve the highest global standard of excellence in stewardship and service towards our staff,clients and community they serve. By Facilitating  the sustainable accessibility of the economically active poor “under-served in rural, urban and semi-urban areas” to financial services by expanding and developing the Financial services sector.


1. To empower economically active individuals engage in small income generating activities.

2. To provide achievable small acquisition and financial empowerment.

3. Women and men empowerment to making sustainable economic contribution to their household.

4. To take care of the well-being of those at the bottom of the pyramiding the society.

5. To empower the less privileged among youths ,women and men in the society.

6. To provide a workable platform at the grass root level To youth,women and men in the society through motivation empowerment program building their capacity.                  

7. To carry a regulatory and supervisory role that works on passing laws and policies that encourages the development of Financial services in Nigeria 

8. Designing and executing programs to build the institutional and technical structure and provide technical assistance and support to the Nigerian Financial service institutions.

9. Promoting the Financial service industry through offering incentives and participating in media and networking activities and coordinating with governmental agencies, and public organizations.

10. Designing and introducing applicable models for marketing and developing the Financial empowerment industry on the National level.

Solid Eagle Empowerment Center ...bringing positive changes