Welcome to Solid Eagle Empowerment Center

Solid Eagle is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Nigeria, and Registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the certificate number RC133426, and also licensed under Economic and Finance Crime Commission (EFCC), to operate as financial institution in Nigerian.

Solid Eagle is aimed at providing empowerment through financial assistance to small businesses around the country. The Centre is the result of strong commitment of a group of micro finance experts and investors to build a lasting and vibrant Centre that will play a leading role in improving access to financial services for the small business owners.

Solid Eagle is a national institution with Board of Trustees whose aims and objectives are to provide empowerment program through financial services. The Centre provides financial support to the entrepreneurial individuals that have little or no access to conventional forms of finances services.

The organization was established and designed with an EAGLE mindset, An EAGLE is said to be king of Birds, and we are expected to be KINGS of microfinance money market where we find ourselves. Let discuss the attributes of an EAGLE;

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Here we encourage our clients to be an active saver, by teaching them the importance of saving. In this package the client collects all her savings at anytime he/she wants.


This platform of savings helps the client to save with a fixed mindset and at the end the project that is assigned for the contribution will be executed.and the client has to make a specific date of withdrawal.


This is a day-to-day savings platform that helps the clients to save on a daily basis without specific date of withdrawal and also enable the client to Asses micro-Financial services.


This daily loan is a micro-financial service that enables the client to Asses soft loans in other To boast there business and repay on a daily basis (30 days of the month)and with a service charge of 1% of any amount assessed.


This daily loan extra is a similar package with the daily loan but it\'s duration is 40  working days (2months) and the service charge is 2% of any amount accessed.

WEEKLY LOAN(group loan)

This package is on a weekly basis where loans are given to clients on a weekly repayment bases and has a service charge of 15% and a duration of 4months.to form the group it will consist of 5-30 active members.

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